• Online Focus Groups
    allow your team to get feedback quickly, efficiently and from a geographically dispersed audience.  Online bulletin board focus groups empower respondents to provide feedback over the course of a few days and at their convenience.  Through our technology we have the ability to share multi-media stimuli so respondents can react to concepts or creative.  Conducting research online can also prove beneficial when discussing topics that are seen as taboo or sensitive as it preserves the anonymity of the respondent.
  • Mobile Qualitative
    is the latest way to reach consumers while they are on-the-go.  Rather than relying on consumers to recall their experience mobile technology allows the sharing of thoughts while the experience happens.  With voice to text technology consumers can share what happened and add pictures or videos to help illustrate their responses.
  • Mobile qualitative diaries
    allow you to send tasks to respondents to understand what is happening anytime, anywhere.  Respondents keep an ongoing diary of their behaviors while incorporating pictures or video helping you to develop the consumer’s perspective.