Data Collection Methodologies

Our diverse data collection capabilities gather information from your consumer quickly and cost effectively. With a variety of tools at our disposal you can be certain we will match the appropriate methodology to your business issue, timing and budget.

  • Internet Panels
  • Central Location and Mall Intercept
  • Telephone
  • Direct Mail

Research Analytics and Techniques

Look to us to help find out who, where, how many, why and why not. We have a comprehensive toolbox of quantitative techniques to help you make more informed decisions. When the data collection is completed our job has just started. Our senior researchers thoroughly analyze every piece of data to provide a unique perspective and help you discover your optimal opportunity.

  • Awareness and Usage
  • Market Segmentation
  • Positioning and Concept Assessment
  • TURF Analysis
  • Virtual Shopping Packaging Evaluation
  • Packaging and Shelf Set Eyetracking
  • Consumer Product Taste Validation
  • Product Cost Reduction Rationalization and Risk Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction and Relationship Management
  • Perceptual Mapping and Spatial Attitudinal Measurement